Luis Alvarado Martìnez President

Anna Widegren Secretary General

2018: a year that brought celebrations, breakthroughs and powerful moments for young people. While challenges remain on the horizon and new threats for Europe and our planet are imminent, we must not underestimate the significant advancements that the European Youth Forum and our Member Organisations have made this year.

We are starting to witness the world waking up to the reality of youth rights. Through our work with the United Nations we are proud that for the first time young people are being recognised as rights-holders in the UN Youth Strategy. At European level, the announcement of the new EU Youth Strategy marked another huge milestone, reflecting years of dedicated work by the Youth Forum and our Member Organisations. We’re now ready to make sure that young people and youth organisations are at the core of turning this ambition into reality.

We were very excited this year to celebrate what has been an incredible ten years of the European Youth Capital. With each new winning city the initiative grows stronger, creating a ripple effect that not only brings positive change in the cities themselves but in others across Europe as they share ideas, experiences and best practices. The creation of new and improved co-decision-making structures was highlighted as one of the main benefits for the title winners in our ten year report. We can’t wait to spark the evolution of more innovative, youthful cities as we look ahead to ten more years of the European Youth Capital - and beyond!

This year our biggest event of the year got even bigger. For the 10th anniversary of Yo!Fest we gathered, together with the European Youth Event, 10,000 people to the doorstep of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Young people demonstrated beyond doubt that they have the vision to shape and carry forward the European project. With the countdown to the next European elections well underway, it is a message that must not be lost. The Youth Forum is taking the call for youth-friendly politics directly to European political parties, supported by our unanimously adopted policy platform, 10 ideas to #YouthUp the European Elections.

As we look to the future we must be ready to stand up for the realities and challenges still facing young people across all aspects of their lives: from navigating the precarious transition from education to work, to fighting against multiple discrimination, social exclusion, poverty and lack of representation. As our new Youth Progress Index shows, our societies still have a long way to go to meaningfully include youth voices. Empowering young people and their communities to support other displaced young people was also a significant focus of 2018, as we worked in partnership with the UN Refugee Agency to increase the capacity of ten youth-driven volunteer projects through our European Youth Initiative Fund.

As the Board has reached the end of its 2017-2018 cycle we are proud of what the European Youth Forum has accomplished. Our youth movement continues to grow stronger and together we’re ready for what’s on the horizon in 2019.


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  • Updated position on the implementation of the Youth Guarantee adopted by the Board
  • Position on Comprehensive implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Europe adopted by the Board
  • Cascais European Youth Capital 2018 opening ceremony
  • Council of Europe High Level Task Force on Youth Work starts its work, including the Youth Forum
  • The Youth Forum speaks at the ECOSOC Youth Forum at the United Nations in New York
  • Partners organisations meet in Strasbourg to prepare the Yo!Fest 2018
  • EU leaders meet in Sofia and commit for more investment in the Erasmus+ programme
  • Regional consultation on youth and human rights organised jointly with the UN Human Rights Office and bringing together representatives of youth civil society to feed into a report to the Human Rights Council
  • Youth Forum meeting for the Member Organisations and the European Commission on the EU Youth Strategy
  • Publication of the Shadow Report on the Mid-Term Evaluation of Erasmus+ Youth Chapter
  • 10 projects selected for funding under the European Youth Initiative Fund, from a total of 155 project applications
  • Policy paper on the Multiannual Financial Framework adopted
  • Policy paper on Sustainable Development adopted
  • Global Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security presented to UN Security Council
  • Participants at the EU Youth Conference formulate input for the EU Youth Strategy - EU Youth Goals
  • COMEM Debate with Member Organisations on European Elections 2019 priorities
  • Youth Forum and Council of Europe-European Commission Youth Partnership organised focus group for youth organisations on education and training pathways of volunteer youth workers
  • UN Security Council adopted resolution 2419 on youth, peace and security
  • European Youth Initiative Fund kick-off and capacity-building event for project leaders of the 10 funded youth-led initiatives
  • Debate in Cascais on the future of work
  • Launch of the Youth Progress Index in the European Parliament
  • EU Conference on Youth, Peace and Security “Promoting Youth in Peacebuilding: implementing UNSCR 2250”
  • Yo!Fest 2018
  • Response to the observations of the Government of Belgium regarding the merits of our collective complaint, lodged in 2017, to address unpaid internships
  • President’s speech at High-Level EU Talanoa Dialogue event on climate change
  • European Youth Capital debate in the European Parliament
  • The Youth Forum joining Council of Europe Advisory Mission to FYROM to advise on creation of a new Youth Law
  • High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development - more than 10 European countries were reviewed on their progress towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Launch of the sustainable development video and campaign “Change the Game”
  • The Youth Forum vision for the EU Youth Coordinator and proposal for an impactful EU Youth Dialogue
  • UN Youth Strategy launched
  • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Report on youth and human rights sent to Human Rights Council
  • Austrian Presidency and Youth Forum side event with the Youth Working Party of the Council of the EU and relevant stakeholders on the EU Youth Strategy
  • Adoption of the Position on DiscoverEU for all: travelling, learning & volunteering
  • 19th edition of the University on Youth and Development took place in Mollina on the Sustainable Development Goal 16 -Peace, justice and strong institutions
  • Austrian Presidency Conference on Youth & Gender (co organised by the Youth Forum & the Austrian Youth Council)
  • EU SDG Multistakeholder Platform (Youth Forum is a member) adopted its input to the European Commission’s reflection paper on the subject
  • Capacity building event on ‘Building a more welcoming local community: inclusion of displaced youth’, bringing together grantees of the European Youth Initiative Fund and members of the Migration and Human Rights Network
  • European Youth Capital ten years anniversary event where the European Youth Capital report on its impact was launched
  • New EU Youth Strategy adopted
  • One year anniversary of the proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights
  • European Youth Capital 2021 award ceremony - Klaipėda awarded
  • General Assembly 2019: Adoption of the Youth Forum’s 2019 European Elections policy platform at the GA and election of a new Board for 2019-2020
  • Youth Forum and our Member Organisation participation in global climate negotiations at COP24 in Poland
  • Meetings with main European political parties to agree on joint activities and partnerships in the 2019 European Elections campaign
  • Publication of the 4th Africa-Europe Youth Summit Report

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1 Youth Forum Board election
393 External representations of the Youth Forum Board to events of members, partners and other stakeholders
10 Projects selected for funding under the European Youth Initiative Fund, from a total of 155 project applications
1,988+ Invoices processed
3m95 Of financial documents
9,700+ Messages in the Board WhatsApp group, according to undisclosed sources.
80 Minutes of meditation in the Youth Forum office with in-house guru.
69 kilos Of coffee consumed
27 Plants in the office
1,6 mln Impressions on Twitter re-tweets
116 Usages of #YouthUP on Twitter & and 105 #ForYouthRights
141,088 Facebook followers
62 Mentions in various European media outlets.
10,000 Young people gathered for Yo!Fest 2018 at the European Youth Event in Strasbourg
160+ Activities with 40 partners at the Yo!Fest 2018 @ the EYE 2018
2 New full member organisations
  • EUDY European Union of the Deaf Youth
40,300 Minutes of video viewed on Facebook
81,337 Visitors to the Youth Forum website

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UNHCR 227.832 € 6%
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Membership fees 150.050 € 4%
Other 51.606 € 1%
TOTAL INCOME 3.922.769 €


Policy and Advocacy 1.491.014 € 39%
Governance 400.586 € 10%
Operational Costs 981.517 € 25%
YO!Fest 2018 728.975 € 19%
Youth Initiative Fund 227.832 € 6%
Google fellow+others 55.367 € 1%

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