Luis Alvarado Martinez, President & Anna Widegren, Secretary General

In 2017 we have been coping with the aftermath of the turbulent events that shook the world in 2016, and one undeniable fact has emerged: young people must be a part of the equation and cannot be ignored. What has been our message for years, is now what everyone is talking about: young people cannot be left behind. We are the driving force of society in every sector, from art and culture, to technology, to the future of work, sustainable development and politics, whether we are invited to the table or not.

The European Youth Forum works to ensure that the voice of young people is always heard and brought to the table, especially within key discussions. Our efforts to #YouthUp Europe continue, as does our relentless fight #ForYouthRights. We can be proud of what we achieved in 2017, the first year of this Board’s mandate. We put our Member Organisations at the core of everything we did.

This ranged from getting to know them better, improving how we communicate, and to include them in high-level discussions with European leaders, such as at the Social Summit in Gothenburg, the Africa-Europe Youth Summit in Abidjan, and the ECOSOC Youth Forum in New York among others. We have also been at the forefront of key debates, notably with shaping the Future of Europe and making our voice heard when the UN Human Rights Council adopted the resolution on youth and human rights. In addition, we lodged our first Collective Complaint under the European Social Charter taking legal action against Belgium on the issue of unpaid internships. We are also leading the conversation in Europe when it comes to young people’s role in the implementation of the SDGs and the 2030 agenda, to name a few!

In 2017, youth organisations proved once again what they are able to do in order to bring about real change and rise to the challenges of this generation. For instance, in Estonia, the voting age was lowered to 16 in local elections, thanks to the efforts of youth organisations! This is only one example of the strong impact we can achieve, be it at the local, national or European level. In 2017, Varna was the European Youth Capital - a title that is continuing to transform the role of cities and how they put the needs and rights of their youth at the core to thrive. We are thrilled to see the amazing work of the 2018 European Youth Capital of Cascais, and cannot wait for the work of the upcoming title winners Novi Sad in 2019 and Amiens in 2020. We look forward to continue supporting stronger youth movement and working together!

These are all steps in the right direction, but our work doesn’t stop here! In November our Membership unanimously gave us the mandate to fight for a ten times bigger Erasmus+ programme which we are fighting for gaining support from Member States. We will continue working tirelessly on sustainable development, peace and security, and many more important fights lie ahead.

Thank you for being part of our adventure, shaping the world into what we strive for it to be.

Luis Alvarado Martinez


Anna Widegren

Secretary General
We are ready to #YouthUp Europe. We are ready for 2018.


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  • YO!Fest 2017 in Maastricht.
  • Global Interns Strike.
  • Future of Europe March in Rome. The European Youth Forum plays active role in making youth at the heart of the Rome Declaration.
  • The European Youth Forum joins the European Movement International.
  • The European Youth Forum presents our vision for the Future of Europe.
  • Announcement of the partnership with UNHCR to launch the European Youth Initiative Fund.
  • The European Youth Forum lodges the first Collective Complaint under the European Social Charter, taking legal action against Belgium on the issue of unpaid internship.
  • Future of Europe & Youth Conference in Malta with the Presidency. Including a special ask from the European Youth Forum.
  • Council of Europe recommendation on Youth Work.
  • Conference on Quality employment for sustainable development with International Labour Organisations.
  • The United Nations Human Rights Council adopts a resolution on youth and human rights. The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres mentions “youth rights”.
  • 10 National Youth Councils contribute to the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development coordinated by the European Youth Forum.
  • The EU External Action Service announces it will pay its interns following the campaign from the European Youth Forum.
  • The European Youth Forum acts as a key partner for the European Regional Consultation in the framework of the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 feeding into the Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security.
  • Launch of the Erasmusx10 campaign.
  • First vote at 16 local elections in Estonia. Vote at 16 Conference with the European Youth Forum and National Youth Council of Estonia in Tallinn. Here we also presented the vision for the Future of Europe to Estonia’s Prime Minister.
  • The European Youth Forum appointed to be part of the Multi-stakeholder platform on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the EU.
  • 4th Africa-Europe Youth Summit and Abidjan Declaration ahead of the 5th AU-EU Summit focused on youth.
  • European Commission presents a proposal for a European Framework on Quality and Effective Apprenticeships. The proposal includes elements of the European Youth Forum’s European Quality Charter on Internships and Apprenticeships.
  • Amiens (France) announced as the 2020 the European Youth Capital.
  • Social Summit in Gothenburg & Proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights. the European Youth Forum is on the front row with high level decision makers.
  • Young woman of Europe award together with the European Movement International.
  • A European Youth Forum delegation attends the COP23 (UN Climate Change Conference).
  • The European Youth Forum launches Transparency at Work.
  • European Council conclusions calling for a substantial increase funding of Erasmus+ programme.
  • Investment in youth in the EU 2018 Budget.

Our numbers

10 Working structures within the European Youth Forum
9 Policy documents & publications
4 Incredible numbers from the Membership Survey 2017 - The European Youth Forum reaches:
64,778 visitors to our website
208 external representations to events of members, partners and other stakeholders
62 kilos of coffee consumed in the office of the European Youth Forum
120+ minutes of 4PM planking in our office
1,950 invoices processed
2m90 financial documents
3,742,000 of impressions on Twitter re-tweets
25,000+ messages in the Board WhatsApp group, according to undisclosed sources
133,702 Facebook followers
101 mentions in various European media outlets
10 selfies with European or state leaders
1,500 young people gathered for yo!fest 2017 in Maastricht
137 activities with 57 partners working for Yo!Fest 2018 @ the EYE 2018
1 new member organisation - National Youth Council of Hungary (NIT)

Our impact


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Our resources


European Commission € 2,535,377 82%
European Parliament € 130,683 4%
Council of Europe € 93,000 3%
City of Maastricht € 91,844 3%
Others (UNHCR, Google, Maribel) € 55,445 2%
Membership fees € 150,249 5%
Other € 48,429 1%
TOTAL INCOME € 3,105,027


Policy and Advocacy € 1,300,869 42%
Operational Costs € 1,017,617 33%
Governance € 472,858 15%
YO!Fest 2018 € 130,683 4%
YO!Fest 2017 € 91,844 3%
Other € 74,711 2%
Youth Initiative Fund / Google fellow € 16,445 1%

Our people


Luis Alvarado Martinez


Carina Autengruber

Vice President

Dejan Bojanic

Vice President

Kristen Aigro

Board Member

Mari Strømsvåg

Board Member

Nafsika Vrettaki

Board Member

Sebastiaan Rood

Board Member

Tina Hočevar

Board Member

Ville Majamaa

Board Member

Zuzana Vaneckova

Board Member

Andrea Casamenti

Board Member

Secretary General Office

Allan Päll

Secretary General
(End May)

Anna Widengren

Secretary General
(Start June)

François Balate

Executive Advisor

Ivana Davidovska

Membership & Capacity Building Officer (Start March)

Administrative and Finance

Sandra Moreau

Finance & Admin Director

Luc Rummens

Team Coordinator
(End June)

Anne Debrabandere

Translator/Events Assistant

Estefania Asorey

ICT & Statutory meetings Coordinator
(Since July)

Marie-Aimée Musanase

Human Resources Coordinator

Sarah-Jane Schlögel

Office Manager & Accountant Assistant

Laila Baraz


Communications & Events

Nanna Moe

Communications & Events Director
(New position since start November)

Sarah Farndale

Communications Coordinator
(End August)

Alexandre Beddock

Communications Officer
(End September)

Hannah Grieve

Communications Officer

Inès Abbas

Communications Intern/Communications Officer
(Start May/November)

Joanna Veeremaa

Office Manager & Accountant Assistant
(End March)

Kathryn Caponi

Communications Intern
(End May)

Josh Cope

Yo!Fest 2018 Team Leader
(Start August)

Antonija Parat

Yo!Fest 2018 Programme & Partners Officer
(Start August)

Bibbi Abbruzzini

Yo!Fest 2018 Communications Officer
(Start August)

Antoine François

Yo!Fest 2018 Production & Logistics Officer
(Start September)

Ana Beatriz Bruno DaSilva

YO!Fest 2018 Finance & Administration Officer
(Start September)

Eliza Popper

Yo!Fest 2017 Project Officer
(End April)


Communications Intern
(End May)

Policy and Advocacy

David Garrahy

Head of Policy & Advocacy
(End December)

Alfonso Aliberti

Policy & Advocacy Team Leader
(Since September)

Stephanie Beecroft

Policy & Advocacy Team Leader
(Since September)

John Lisney

Policy & Advocacy Coordinator

Una Clarke

Policy Officer, Youth Policy EU Institutions Officer
(Since September)

Jan Wilker

EU Institutions Coordinator
(End August)

Jo Deman

Policy Officer, Youth Work & Capacity-building
(End December)

Manuel Gil

Policy Officer, Strong Youth Organisations

Conor O’Neill

Policy Officer, Youth Participation
(End May)

Rita Jonusaite

Policy Officer, Youth Participation
(Start June)

Clémentine Moyart

Policy Officer, Social Inclusion
(End October)

Flavia Colonnese

Policy Officer, Social Inclusion
(Start July)

Jan Mayrhofer

Policy Officer, Sustainable Development
(Start July)


CharonisPolicy Officer, Youth Rights

Eszter Somogyi

UNHCR Project Manager
(New position since start November)

Marianna Georgallis

Policy & Advocacy Coordinator
(End March)

Liva Vikmane

Policy Officer, Structured Dialogue
(Start November)

Lisa Keuper

Research intern (From March to June)

Jonnie Penn

Google Fellow
(New position since start September)

Financial Control Commission

  • Danica Vihinen (Chair)
  • Lilit Beclaryan
  • Giulio Raimondo
  • Frédéric Piccavet

Consultative Body on Membership
Applications (CBMA)

  • Benedikte Vivaas Kise
  • Michael Boris Mandirola (Chair)
  • Elena Sinkeviciute
  • Aysun Zeynalova

Pool of Trainers (PoT)

Senior Trainers

  • Maya Doneva (NYF)
  • Tea Jarc (ETUC Youth)
  • Tanya Lyubimova (IFLRY)
  • Matej Manevski (NYCM FYROM)
  • Milosh Ristovski (YEU)

Junior Trainers

  • Mohammed Alsaud
  • Patrick Azevedo (CGJL)
  • Clara Giberga (SCI)
  • Elisabeth Hanzl (OJV)
  • Ida Kreutzman (OBESSU)
  • Javier Milan Lopez (Y-E-N)
  • Marija Pantelic (Alliance)
  • Anne Peeters
  • Alexandra Ruivo Cordeiro (EFIL)
  • Artur Wieczorek